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Wolf Blitzer: Obamacare website shutdown ’embarrassment for administration’

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The Obama administration quietly announced late Friday that the enrollment functions of the healthcare.gov site will be down for repairs this weekend.

The web site set up to allow people to enroll online in Obamacare has been “bedeviled by technology glitches,” as reported by CBS News. The results have been so poor that the Washington Post reported that the media was struggling to find anyone who had been able to enroll.

The move prompted CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to call it “an embarrassment,” before sarcastically adding that the administration has “only had three years to get ready.”

“An embarrassment for the administration,” Blitzer stated. “Hopefully, they’ll get all those glitches out of the way by Monday, if possible. They’ve only had three years to get ready for this roll out.”

The Department of Health and Human Services said by Monday “there will be significant improvements in the online consumer experience.” Then again, it’s not hard to improve on zero.

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Tom Tillison


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