Reporter stumps Carney: Why not sign bill, get people back to work?

Press Secretary Jay Carney took the hardline White House and Democratic “all or nothing” stance at Friday’s press conference babbling that Republicans should fully open the government because “it’s inappropriate, and bad for the economy and bad for our democracy” to keep passing piecemeal legislation to fund the government.

NBC’s Chuck Todd used a hostage negotiation analogy to drill Carney about, why the administration continues to balk at approving measures to open the government.

“You can put some people back to work today, you can save the government some money today by signing these piecemeal bills. Why not?” Todd asked.

“This is a gimmick,” Carney answered. “And all [Republicans] have to do is open the government.”

“Gimmick? Why not sign the bill and get people back to work?” Todd demanded.

Carney didn’t want to hear it. He just continued blaming Republicans and toeing the administration’s hardline, all or nothing, position on reopening the government.

“Chuck, I think the Republicans in the House need to open the government. The president’s not asking for anything in return. Nothing. Nothing,” a frustrated Carney said, rather than answer Todd’s questions.

However, another piecemeal funding bill was just passed by the House Saturday morning.

In a 407-0 vote, “the House has passed a bill to give 800,000 furloughed federal workers retroactive pay once the government reopens,” Fox News reported on the breaking news.

According to Fox, both the Senate and the White House are expected to approve the bill.

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Watch Carney babble about how approving funding to get people back to work is all just a “gimmick” here via YouTube:


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23 thoughts on “Reporter stumps Carney: Why not sign bill, get people back to work?

  1. Betty Jay says:

    All they want to do is blame the Republicans. But they are the ones who are to blame—quit passing the buck. Face facts: Obama closed an open area Memorial and had old men arrested, Obama tried to close Mt. Vernon (couldn’t because it was privately owned) so he had the road closed because it is federal owned; Obama closed an American Memorial in Europe. By doing these things, Obama has shown the American people that he is spiteful. He and Reid will not negotiate with the House, instead Obama closed down the government—spiteful. Then, he tries to put all the blame on the Republicans. What a liar and spiteful person he is!

    1. Susan Royse Harris says:

      Betty, but his golf course remains open.

  2. ClarkeB10 says:

    If you can’t prove the lie, just ignore the question.

  3. PhylBoyse says:

    Yes , carney babbles because he is a babbling puppet idiot that cannot speak the truth and can only say what he is programmed to say. He has NO intelligence of his own.

  4. Laurie Gbd says:

    He doesn’t believe a word he is’s so sickening

  5. Terece Erickson says:

    The White House Spokeskid is pathetic at best. The entire country watches him humiliate himself every time he is sent to the media room.

  6. Mark Werst says:

    of course they will blame republicans the Democrats never take responcibility for any thing the lie and are never wrong

  7. Sandra Jennings says:

    While the government is “shutdown” why is only the civilian population and churches under attack? THIS is OUR government .

    Listen to your people,not your paper God

  8. Ontherightintampa says:

    The name ‘Carney’ is used to generalize folks who work CARNIVALS – such as CLOWNS.

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