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MSN changes poll after 80% vote made Obama look bad

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There’s nothing that indicates poll bias more than how a question is asked, or in this case, not asked.

MSN ran a poll on the Affordable Care Act Friday, announcing that the insurance exchanges are now open and asking its readers if they’ve signed up yet.

Here’s a screen shot of the poll, as reported by Weasel Zippers.


As the Zippers notes, there is at least one question missing, namely, “I think the whole thing sucks and I’m not signing up until they threaten to drag me off in chains.”

Weasel Zippers noted that they ran another poll earlier in the week that actually did include a fourth option: “No, and I won’t until I absolutely have to.” Not only was this option included, but almost all of the respondents — 80 percent — chose this option.


Last time I checked, I wasn’t able to find the poll at MSN. I guess they quit while the quitting was good.

Kudos to Weasel Zippers for making the find.

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