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McDonald’s new McDress-code: Pull up your pants

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McDonalds droopy pantsDon’t mess with Texas – and pull up your pants. Two Houston-area McDonald’s obtained permission from corporate headquarters to post a sign warning patrons to dress properly.

Pull your pants up or don’t come in. Try to have some decency and respect for others. No one wants to see your underwear,” the sign reads, according to Click2Houston.com, the website for the Houston NBC  affiliate, KPRC.

Most customers interviewed by the TV station approved.

“I think it’s necessary, honestly,” one customer told KPRC on a video of the newscast. “I think it’s indecent exposure. They have the right to serve any customer they want there, just their business, on their own. They have the right to serve any customer they choose.”

“Nobody wants to see your undergarment,” another woman said in the video. “That’s what I think. Honestly, my thing is, they’re not wrong.”

But one man said it should be up to customers to choose what they wear.

“I guess having your pants too low is in bad taste, but it’s a matter of choice,” he said. “If you want to wear your pants that way, so be it.”

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Watch the report via Click 2 Houston.com here:

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