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Free phone with Obamacare, but at what price?

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How creepy is this?

Tennessee’s Obamacare insurance co-op, the Community Health Alliance, is giving out free smartphones as part of their health-care plans to entice people to sign up for Obamacare — and keep track of them once they do.

smartphone1004It sounds good on the surface: health insurance, plus free phone and phone service – unlimited talk and texting with 1.2 GB, according to the Nashville Business Journal. But it comes at a bit of a price in terms of privacy and personal liberty.

“Members will have the phone number for their CHA representative pre-loaded in their phones and can quickly get answers to questions about their policies,” CHA Chief Operating Officer Judy Slagle said in a statement, according Business Journal.

Here’s the kick:

“At the same time, we will be able to connect with our members by phone, by email or by text almost instantly with health tips and reminders.”

Isn’t that what every American wants? Getting phone calls, emails and texts from the government or its agents – in this case, a health insurance co-op – with helpful “tips and reminders” about how the government wants them to behave? Like teenagers getting texts from mom when it’s curfew time?

Even creepier, “members” who receive an Obamacare phone must sign a “pledge to stay connected for better health.”

It’s not a Pledge of Allegiance. It’s a pledge of obedience. (Remember that creepy celebrity “pledge to be a servant of our president?”)

Imagine a Republican presidency demanding Americans take a loyalty oath in order to receive a government service – and imagine the liberals screaming.

Yet here is an agent of the most liberal government in American history demanding Americans sign a pledge to behave in government-mandated ways as a condition of a government benefit — and the libs love it if it keeps the lower orders in line.

And empty words, it’s clear, are not acceptable.

“Members must act on their pledge,” the CHA’s chief executive officer said in a statement to the Business Journal.

Members. Must. Act.

Those aren’t words spoken to a free people.

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