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Brain-dead on the boardwalk: Which party is Obama from again?

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These people make low-information voters look like Karl Rove.

San Diego resident and conservative bomb-thrower Mark Dice, known for man-on-the-boardwalk interviews that are as entertaining as they are disturbing, is back with a new random sampling of our fellow Americans and the sampling ain’t pretty.

markdice1004In the past he’s asked if passersby would be willing to repeal the Second Amendment – but he was in California, so the answer would be yes even if they didn’t know what it meant.

This time it’s a little trickier – and maybe a little more depressing.

“What political party is Barack Obama associated with?”

The only good news is, the people who don’t know the answer probably don’t vote – unless they’re in California.

Check out the video — and wonder just how we got here.

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