Peons paid to impersonate federal workers at WWII memorial

Obama’s favorite unions are using a front group for fake protests at the national World War II memorial.

On PJ Media, Patrick Poole describes how fraudulent protesters turned out at the monument to take advantage of the publicity being generated by the Obama administration’s disgraceful closure of the site and say nasty things about House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

unionthugs1003As usual with libs, the whole thing was a sham.

While the protesters at first claimed to be federal workers furloughed by the government shutdown, it turned out they were actually rent-a-mob hired goons working for a group called Good Jobs Nation.

Good Jobs Nation, it turns out, is a front group of unions – including the Obama thugs Service Employees International Union, mob thugs International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and general purpose thugs United Farm Workers and the United Food and Commercial Workers.

(Even among the lefty unions, SEIU stands out for its thuggishness in support of the Obama agenda and the depth of its ties to the Obama campaigns.)

So the public-relations disaster Obama inflicted on himself by trying to close – for political theater – the monument to this country’s greatest military victory is compounded by a ginned-up protest of goons paid by a union cartel to chant “Boehner get us back to work” in front of the cameras.

How do they think this kind of stuff is playing to the rest of the country?

The government claims it’s shutting down but pays Park Police to shut down open-air monuments instead? Unions that claim to represent workers use workers’ union dues to pay peons to impersonate furloughed federal workers?

It’s not just a sham they’re playing – at a time and place specifically dedicated to the idea of honoring their betters.

It’s a shame.

Check out Poole’s video of his interview with the protesting “federal workers” admitting they’ve been paid here:

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