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O’Reilly lambastes ‘derelict parents’ for US violent crime

Bill Oreilly

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Sadly, Bill O’Reilly’s segment on the breakdown of the American family will not become a viral video, but there isn’t a more important message people, especially parents, should hear.

O’Reilly gave credit to a New York Times article Tuesday that profiled the troubled lives of the three Oklahoma teens charged in the “we were bored” murder of Australian baseball player, Christopher Lane.

A disgusted O’Reilly berated “derelict parents:” “You people should be ashamed. You brought children into the world and have corrupted them. It doesn’t get much lower than that,” he said.

“It is the family breakdown, not guns, not derelict law enforcement, not anything else” for why violent crime plagues the nation, he said.

And he chastised politicians for demanding more gun control and asking for more money for education while ignoring the collapse of social boundaries.

O’Reilly railed:

Rarely do you hear about the social destruction of the family in the press and I applaud the NY Times for reporting on these boys. I also call for America’s politicians to stop the nonsense and begin dealing with the real reason we are a violent country: Out of control, young people.

Social boundaries have collapsed all across the country as the powers that be make ridiculous excuses for violent behavior ignoring the real issue of dissolving families preferring to blame guns and wealthy people.

The brutal truth is that Christopher Lane was murdered for no reason. It was an evil act in a country that is far too accepting of evil. We need to stop the madness, call out those who are responsible for violent behavior and that includes derelict parents.

Watch O’Reilly’s segment on the “decline of the American family” via Fox News:


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