Conservatives call on rock icon to pen anti-Obamacare song

A conservative group turned to southern rock icon Charlie Daniels to write a new song in opposition to Obamacare, telling the legend that his “God given talents are needed at this important moment in American history.”

The Patriot Journalist Network launched a Twitter campaign recently asking Daniels to “please help unite grass roots patriots opposing

One sample of countless “retweets” on Twitter:

The tweets link to the Patriot Journalist Network web site, where the group identifies itself as “a team of conservatives working together to support the conservative cause through the use of Twitter,” boasting of 1,759 “united Twitter members.”

“Your song will be our battle cry and spokesman as we unite to oppose Obamacare,” the web site informs Daniels. “We pledge to rally behind you.”

And that pledge may have gotten Daniels attention, as he posted the following message Monday on Twitter:

The fiesty rock star has been a vocal of critic of President Barack Obama and penned an open letter to the president in the lead up to the 2012 election that endeared him to many conservatives.

Daniels made this astute observation Tuesday, the first day of the government shutdown:

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


6 thoughts on “Conservatives call on rock icon to pen anti-Obamacare song

  1. Mark Prasek says:

    On behalf of Patriot Journalist Network, thank you for being the first to write about this – #ThatsHowYouDoItSon

    1. TTillison says:

      Hopefully, the first of many who recognize a good cause.

  2. earnest.roberts says:

    impatiently waiting for this treat and medicine for “we the people”.. Thank you Charlie..

  3. Mickey Askins says:

    While you are at it, make sure you name all those against affordable healthcare so history can remember to shun them.

    1. Shane T. Svatos says:


  4. Wayne says:

    A very good article. Let’s rally behind Charlie and the patriots in Congress that are trying to hold the beliefs of the people. Don’t let Harry Reid and his crowd bulldoze the country.

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