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AMC theater offers free popcorn to federal employees

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Photo Credit: NY Daily News

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Not only didn’t the sky fall when the government shutdown Tuesday, there’s actually a silver lining from the silver screen.

AMC movie theaters across the country have offered a shutdown deal of the year: free popcorn for all federal employees who are at the mercy of the madness coming out of Washington, DC.

The government shutdown left hundreds of thousands of non-essential personnel sitting at home waiting to hear when they can head back to work, so the theater chain chimed in – or cashed in, depending on how you want to look at it – and offered a shutdown special.

Federal employees with a valid I.D. will receive a free small popcorn or they may apply the price of a small size to purchase a larger size, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

AMC announced its offer Tuesday:

“There are hundreds of thousands of federal workers whose lives are being impacted,” said John McDonald, AMC’s executive vice president operations. “While we can’t do anything to resolve gridlock in Washington, D.C., we can provide a few hours of entertainment and free popcorn while they wait to get back to work.”

The offer is good until common sense is restored in Washington, D.C., or, more likely, until the shutdown ends or we run out of free popcorn. Consistent with past free popcorn giveaways on Tax Day Weekend, the purchase of a ticket is not necessary to receive the offer.

AMC theaters seemingly enjoy easing the burdens Americans feel from big government. The theater chain has also offered free popcorn in April, the weekend before tax day.

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