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Tea party leader says Harry Reid acting like a spoiled brat

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Immediately after the clock struck midnight Monday evening, ushering in the first government shutdown in 17 years, a key tea party leader said “this is Harry Reid‘s shutdown” and he’s “acting like a spoiled brat.”

During a late night appearance on CNN, Tea Party Express chairwoman Amy Kremer was asked by host Piers Morgan if she was happy now that the shut down was happening.

No, I’m not happy about it” Kremer said. “We didn’t advocate for this. We didn’t want this. This is Harry Reid’s shutdown. He is responsible for this. He brought us to this point.”

With heavy sarcasm, Morgan fired back, “Right, so it’s entirely the Democrats’ fault that a bunch of Republicans tried to defund Obamacare.”

Kremer then stated the obvious, that President Obama’s signature healthcare law is failing, that unions are coming out against it and even some Democrats are beginning to oppose it.

“Harry Reid is acting like a spoiled brat crossing his arms,” [saying] ‘there’s nothing wrong with Obamacare, we’re not going to do this, we’re not going to discuss it,'” she added.

With a little more truth that Morgan may be able to handle, Kremer concluded: “Harry Reid wants a shutdown because he believes it’s a political victory for the Democrats in 2014.”

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