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Mental illness not only common denominator in mass violence

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Billy Johnson, now a regular contributor to NRA News, reveals in a new video what he sees as the common denominator of mass shootings in America  — domestic violence.

“According to a report from the USA Today, approximately 900 people have died in mass shootings since 2007,” he said. “Of those, a majority were killed by someone they knew. Even the rabidly anti gun Mayor Bloomberg can’t deny the connection.”

Conclusion? It’s not the gun that kills people — it’s the person pulling the trigger, and it’s there we should concentrate our efforts. Instead of defining what categories of weapons Americas can’t own, define what categories of Americans shouldn’t own them.

Johnson does what few of us have the time or patience for — digging through statistics to tell us what the media may not want you to know. He did that in December when he dissected U.S. crime statistics and compared them with the U.K.’s. The results weren’t at all what we’ve been told.

Watch the video from NRA News.

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