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Carney mocks reporter for asking why Obama talks to Iran but not GOP

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In another fiery briefing, White House press secretary Jay Carney and Fox News’ Ed Henry took shots at each other over President Obama’s refusal to negotiate with Republicans hours before a probable government shutdown.

“You do not know, obviously, whether or not Iran will follow through on his promises,” Henry said, “but the president called the president of Iran on Friday and sort of opened up diplomatic negotiations, so why not House Republicans? You’re at loggerheads, call them. ”

“Thank you for the reassertion of GOP talking points,” Carney said, interrupting Henry.

Henry said the administration should at least talk to the Republicans, “even if they are wrong.”

“Ed, maybe you didn’t catch up to what the president just said, but he said he would be talking to leaders of Congress,” Carney said. “I have nothing new to report on the president’s schedule.”

Watch the exchange here:

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