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Backlash: Pelosi’s ironic fashion choice for shutdown debate

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What does the well-turned-minority leader wear to a government shutdown?

If you’re a millionaire populist Democrat named Nancy Pelosi, a Hermes scarf will do nicely.

nancypelosi1001aThe expensive accessory adorning the neck of the rabble-rousing former House speaker caught the eye of C-SPAN watchers Monday night. Let’s face it, a scarf that usually starts at $400 — coincidentally, a week’s salary under California’s recently imposed $10 an hour minimum wage (before taxes) — isn’t exactly Che’s beret.

Twittering ensued over the tres chic ensemble.

The irrepressible Michelle Malkin checked in with a play on “Culture of Corruption,” the title of her scathing indictment of the tax cronyism of the Obama years.

The less famous, still furious (and possibly furloughed) were watching, too.

As were the more politically astute.

In a way, that Hermes symbolizes the Obamacare program that’s driving this whole impasse: hideously expensive, ultimately unnecessary, and hanging around the neck of the American people.

And it was put there by Nancy Pelosi!


Pelosi showed how much she understands the lives of ordinary Americans last week with her preposterous statement about how working part-time hours will free ordinary people up to follow their dreams (assuming those dreams don’t include much beyond Ramen noodles and basic cable.)

One Twitter user might have had that interview mind when he summed up the general feeling — at least for conservatives.


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