Actor Rob Schneider, lifelong Democrat turns Republican

Actor/comedian Rob Schneider recently announced that he’s switching to the Republican Party after being a lifelong Democrat.

The former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, known for such comedic roles as “Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo,” made the announcement in an interview posted Monday on PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell’s website.

“The state of California is a mess, and the super majority of Democrats is not working,” Schneider said. “I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, and I have to switch over because it no longer serves the people of this great state.”

He cited exorbitant taxes and over-regulation as reasons that drove him to the Republican Party. Murrell interviewed Schneider along with California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, a Republican who announced his run for governor.

Watch the interview from Politichicks.

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23 thoughts on “Actor Rob Schneider, lifelong Democrat turns Republican

  1. MZAZ86442i says:

    Welcome to the TRUE AMERICAN Party. Hopefully more celebrities will take those blinders off.

  2. Dixie Cruz-Aleman says:

    Glad you”re leaving the Dark Side, Rob. Welcome to the light. Now, get ready to be viciously attacked and/or ridiculed by your libtard ex-friends.

  3. Afi Keita James says:

    I Left the democratic party a long time ago, but the GOP sucks too, time for the libertartian party.

  4. Avery Haqq says:

    Get ready to be viciously attacked, Rob. At least you finally came to your senses though, hoping more celebrities stop drinking the Obama Kool-Aid and also come to their senses.

    1. Yode says:

      more like the progressive koolaid….it’s bigger than The Mutt

  5. Zionistout says:

    All he is doing is switching one Jew and corporation cotrolld prty for another. There is no democratic or republican party. There is only “the party”.

  6. cags777 says:

    Interesting poll question. I wonder how many people would have voted no when George W. Bush was president? As an aside, it’s rather pathetic to switch parties over a single issue – taxes. And to say that Republicans are small government is a bit of a sham. Does he not remember how they want to make health care decisions for women and dictate marriages?

    1. Rob says:

      What’s more interesting is how people continue to bring up the President of two terms ago instead of answering the questions. It has been a more than a full term for the President. In that first term he held the majority in congress on both sides and passed absolutely nothing positive for the country. What’s even more interesting is how some of us can say that we didn’t like some of the things that were done with both republican and democratic Presidents because our main concern wasn’t on social policies but on the fact that our countries debt was raised 6 trillion dollars in four years and our representatives in the senate have been in office since the early 90s and the debt for California has grown to surpass the debt of many nations. Another interesting fact is that the same people keep getting voted in even though they haven’t balanced a budget in years. More interesting facts for you……your precious democrats are rich fat cats stealing your money just like the republicans are. Want an interesting fact on republicans wanting to make health care decisions for women? Republicans don’t want to fund multi-billion dollar corporations that are performing procedures that kill unborn children for profit because men and women aren’t responsible enough to make sure they use contraception before they have sex, and think that abortion is a form of birth control. Another interesting fact is that there are plenty of women that believe the last statement to be true and agree with a different point of view then yours but you aren’t concerned with their rights. You’re only concerned with the rights of those that agree with you. The final interesting fact that I will offer you is that republicans don’t want to dictate marriage, marriage is already dictated. The democratic liberals want to change the dictation under the guise of having equal rights for couples. In reality, and this is interesting also, the same rights are afforded to same sex couples through civil unions. The changing of the definition of marriage is under attack simply to continue a propagation of fundamental changes that our founding Father’s entrusted to the people to ensure the freedom and liberty that our country was based upon. With that last point being completed, I would be more that happy to accommodate a leader in California and America that held the position that the definition of marriage should be changed if they were prepared to balance a budget by cutting social programs and assistance that we don’t have the money to pay for, uphold the laws of our land by giving citizens more rights and freedoms then those who cheat and lie to get here, and to begin deregulating so 1000 businesses aren’t force to flee California or the US because the western fruit fly and the horned bat footed owl need to breed on 800 acres of land. Open your eyes…..both parties are causing division in America for 2 things…Money and Power. But interestingly enough, you voted for them.

      1. cags777 says:

        Sure…. whatever you say. Word of advice: Lay off the Kool-Aid. God doesn’t like revisionists and liars.

        1. Rob says:

          If I’m drinking the Kool-Aid you are smoking some pretty good crack. Exactly what was I revising or lying about?…..and please add references that are unbiased and show factual proof. I would be happy to do the same. Don’t just throw out words to insult and accuse people. Please tell me which one of these statements is false. The revising is being done by this administration. As far as the original question goes, there wasn’t one liberal democrat that had a problem with the innumerable disrespectful, hateful and threatening cartoons, posts and mockery towards President Bush. It was all first amendment rights during the Bush era. Now if a guy wears a Obama mask as a rodeo clown, as was done with Bush, he gets fired and banned from his job. But I’m sure that was a righteous firing and worthy of even being on the news. Hypocrites hypocrites hypocrites.

  7. David William Reid says:

    There will be ALLOT changing sides after Obama and Dumbocrats holding our country hostage over Odumbocare. Nancy Pelosi says we are derailing “their” Democracy? Well for one thin we are a REPUBLIC! Secondly their democracy, when 57+% do NOT want Obamacare, and they hold us hostage to it, its no longer democracy, its a tyrannical dictatorship!

    1. David William Reid says:

      And no being voted in does NOT give them the right to do as they please! If it did we would be in a war in Syria right now! When the people speak up, they MUST abide by the majority! That is a democracy!

  8. Stephan Mackenzie says:

    He’s not making movies, I’m not working full time, gee…who’s screwing us?

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