James O'Keefe
Former US attorney throws book at James O’Keefe, calls him ‘nasty little cowardly spud’

James Letten, assistant dean at Tulane University and a former U.S. attorney, let loose a profanity-filled tirade at conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas film […]

Whale pays a friendly visit to couple fishing in Brazil
Whale pays a friendly visit to couple fishing in Brazil

Now that’s a nice whale.

Union corruption update; theft just part of the deal

Just in time for Labor Day, the National Legal and Policy Center published its latest “Union Corruption Update,” which could be known as “your union dues at […]

Obama, Holder selling out blacks on immigration, black conservatives say

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim that immigration reform is a new “civil rights” issue is flat-out wrong, and low-income black workers will be the ones who […]

New approach to remove ‘under God’ from pledge may succeed

The pilgrims first set foot in the New World on Plymouth Rock in search of religious freedom. Plymouth Rock is located in what would later become known […]

States peddling Obamacare under dummy names to avoid stench

It seems those tasked with peddling Obamacare to the American people reject the wisdom found in the offerings of Shakespeare, who proclaimed “a rose by any other […]

Bahram Sadeghi
Hilarious prank call to NSA asking for help retrieving deleted email

An Iranian-born filmmaker living in Amsterdam totally punk’d the National Security Agency by phoning in and asking for assistance in retrieving an accidentally deleted email. “Hello, is […]

Kerry protest
Angry anti-war protesters besiege John Kerry’s home, banging on doors, windows

On Sunday, anti-war protestors protested the anti-war protestor, and with that, as Shakespeare once said, “the wheel is come full circle.” In the aftermath of Secretary of […]

Sens Lee and Cruz
GOP senators’ petition to defund Obamacare hits 1 million signatures

With less than a month to go before millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare, the petition to defund the program has hit a […]

Obama foot on desk
Caption this! WH thought this disgraceful photo was cool

A photo of President Obama with his foot up on the Oval Office desk sent Americans into a tizzy Sunday asking where his respect for the highest […]

What Obama, Biden did after ‘strike Syria’ speech even disgusts media

Apparently there is no crisis, no threat to national security – nothing – that will stop President Obama from playing golf. Four American diplomats slaughtered in Benghazi? […]

Teachers’ unions have a good racket going

While teachers are often forced to pay onerous dues into a union they may not care to join, teacher union executives continue to enjoy the high life. […]