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Matthews burned: Your boss shut down government 12 times, didn’t call him terrorist

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MSNBC blather-mouth Chris Matthews once worked for Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill, who held the gavel in the House during much of Ronald Reagan’s two terms as president, something he reminds viewers of frequently.

In a new book out about his former boss, “Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked,” Matthews writes about the relationship that existed between O’Neill and Reagan, arguing that it represented a now-gone era of bipartisanship in Washington where things got done, as described by the Washington Post.

Matthews penned:

“During this period, government met its deadlines. Members of Congress listened and acted. Debates led to solutions. Shutdowns were averted.”

Which is just not true — the government shut down seven times when O’Neill was speaker and Reagan was president. O’Neill presided over 12 funding gaps or shutdowns, or almost 71 percent of all shutdowns to date, according to the Washington Post.

Staying true to his nature of disregarding facts in favor of establishing his own narrative, Matthews is clearly confused about what actually took place.

Enter U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Id., — labeled as a “tea party congressman” by Newsbusters — who was only too happy to make a fool of Matthews Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” over how many times the government actually shut down when O’Neill ruled the House.

Interestingly, Matthews begrudgingly admitted that President Obama is not as good as Reagan at uniting the parties. While describing an informal dinner that Reagan attended, he said: “I noticed something that told me Reagan was going to win all those fights: Every Democrat in the room went up to get his picture taken with Reagan.”

“Meet the Press” host David Gregory piped in that most Democrats don’t want their pictures taken with Obama “because it would hurt them more than help them.”

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