Matthews burned: Your boss shut down government 12 times, didn’t call him terrorist

MSNBC blather-mouth Chris Matthews once worked for Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill, who held the gavel in the House during much of Ronald Reagan’s two terms as president, something he reminds viewers of frequently.

In a new book out about his former boss, “Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked,” Matthews writes about the relationship that existed between O’Neill and Reagan, arguing that it represented a now-gone era of bipartisanship in Washington where things got done, as described by the Washington Post.

Matthews penned:

“During this period, government met its deadlines. Members of Congress listened and acted. Debates led to solutions. Shutdowns were averted.”

Which is just not true — the government shut down seven times when O’Neill was speaker and Reagan was president. O’Neill presided over 12 funding gaps or shutdowns, or almost 71 percent of all shutdowns to date, according to the Washington Post.

Staying true to his nature of disregarding facts in favor of establishing his own narrative, Matthews is clearly confused about what actually took place.

Enter U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Id., — labeled as a “tea party congressman” by Newsbusters — who was only too happy to make a fool of Matthews Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” over how many times the government actually shut down when O’Neill ruled the House.

Interestingly, Matthews begrudgingly admitted that President Obama is not as good as Reagan at uniting the parties. While describing an informal dinner that Reagan attended, he said: “I noticed something that told me Reagan was going to win all those fights: Every Democrat in the room went up to get his picture taken with Reagan.”

“Meet the Press” host David Gregory piped in that most Democrats don’t want their pictures taken with Obama “because it would hurt them more than help them.”

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Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


39 thoughts on “Matthews burned: Your boss shut down government 12 times, didn’t call him terrorist

  1. Bob White says:

    And during those “shutdowns”, the press ALWAYS wrote that it was Reagan who was shutting down the gov’t.

  2. Larry Newman says:

    Liberals and progressives are a cancer on the nut sack of America. It needs to be cut out and destroyed…

    1. johnmartin says:

      Isn’t that what the Confederates said when they stole our Fort and started shooting at Americans. Do I dare ask what state you are from?

  3. penny0314 says:

    Regardless of the number of shutdowns, this Congress has consistently taken the attitude that the rich are OK, so screw the rest of the American public, and we don’t care what any of our actions do to the economy. They have maintained a consistent pattern of making things worse for all but the richest. Reagan was presiding over a boom economy at the time, so the shutdowns meant little. Now, most of the middle class is making an adjusted income LOWER than they were during the Reagan years, thanks in large measure to George W’s lies and damage to the country.

    1. JT says:

      The economy was in a shambles when Reagan took over thanks to Carter, and did not begin to recover until the 3rd year of his first term. Under Bush the economy was hurt by the fear generated after 9/11. The Democrats controled both the House and Senate during all but 2 of W’s 8 years and successfully messed up the economy with their disasterous laws. I would cite all the data but you wouldn’t belive it anyway since you have somehow managed to forget how bad it was under Carter and who controlled both houses of Congress. So go look up the facts for yourself.

      1. Chris says:

        Uhhhhh, the Republicans had control of both houses under Bush from 2000-2006.

      2. J J Willmann says:

        I remember Carter. That was when I said I will never vote for another Democrat again! Also, the economy under GW didn’t go bust until the Dems took over both the House and the Senate in ’06. The beginning of the mess we are in now was when Nancy Pelosi was made Speaker of the House. When I first heard her speak I thought, “surely to heaven they are not going to make that blithering idiot Speaker!” They did! She has been a hemorrhoid ever since!

    2. lovinspoonful says:

      No,thanks to lies and damage to the country. Quit blaming Bush for everything. bush did not damage this country – Obama has and continues to do so. the congress that is destroying America is the democratic leaders – Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Obama, Biden. Get your facts straight

      1. F Plang says:

        Bleh. Obama is Bush on steroids.

        1. lovinspoonful says:

          Bleh yourself. Don’t think so.

        2. J J Willmann says:

          Bush was not the best president of my lifetime, but he was no where near as bad as the liberal media painted him. ABC, NBC, CBS, and MSNBC have gotten away with lies for ages. They loved to “edit” their news to make Bush out a buffoon. After the advent of the smart phone they have gotten caught a few times. But NO ONE, absolutely no president from Eisenhower through GW Bush comes any where near the evil that is Barack Hussein Obama! (And no before you libs start screaming, I am not a racist! I do not give a darn what color his skin is, but I do care about the color of his character – and that is black as coal!

        3. F Plang says:

          Get real now JJ. Obama has been involved in more wars, has printed even more money and created even more debt which we now have to burden, has reinflated the housing bubble on his watch with letting the Fed do what they please and keeping Bernanke at the helm with superlow interest rates and crazy bond buying, more taking our civil liberties (NDAA, Patriot Act extension, NSA spying on all of us, signed “Anti-Protest” bill HR 347, etc etc), increased the power of the Exec. branch, that’s all I can think off the top of my head.

      2. J J Willmann says:

        Come on now! You know it was Bush’s fault and you are a racist!

        1. lovinspoonful says:

          You claim vehemently in your comment that you are not a racist. Yet, you call me a racist. You are a hypocrite.

          1. J J Willmann says:

            I am sorry . I thought you could recognize sarcasm. I was not calling you a racist! Get your knickers out of their knot! I was being sarcastic because that has been the medias standard mantra. Every thing that has gone wrong since this man was made president was blamed on Bush. If you criticize Obama – they call you a racist.
            No I am not a hippocryte and I did not call you a racist. It was a joke!

          2. lovinspoonful says:

            The printed word does not denote sarcasm from rudeness. Sorry – be careful what you print then. Get your knickers out of their knot! I appreciate a joke but I have no way of telling a joke from sarcasm from something printed.

          3. J J Willmann says:

            Once again, I apologize. In my ignorance I thought it was obvious. In the future I will indicate (SARCASM) when I am being so.

          4. lovinspoonful says:

            That’s a good idea. That way there is no doubt what you mean. Apology accepted.

  4. Randy Lamb says:

    Matthews is not confused, just a liar like all the rest of the Dems. They twist and contort the truth to suit their agenda.

  5. Howard Turner says:

    it makes one wonder when the dems are going to take ownership of the debacle that is our economy obama has been in office 5 yrs and the idiots who follow him still believe it isn’t his fault get a clue and see the republicans try to compromise while Obama calls Boener and tells him he wont negotiate obama is the problem not the republicans

    1. J J Willmann says:

      If the media would do their job and tell the truth, the
      Republicans would not be so afraid to stand up to this spiteful tyrant!

    2. lovinspoonful says:

      Be careful or JJ Willmann will be calling you a racist also although he vehemently denies he is one.

      1. J J Willmann says:

        Please see my response above and I am not a he!
        It was a joke, blast it!

  6. Richard Ashburn says:

    Does “thrill up my leg” ever tell the truth. I guess that would be out of character for a Democrat??

    1. lovinspoonful says:

      He belongs in a mental facility along with Reid and Pelosi.

      1. uselogic19 says:

        Or taking a long dirt nap.

    2. J J Willmann says:

      Not if it is detrimental to his dream lover, Obama.

  7. Marianne Marie Munger says:

    Are ABC,NBC, and CBS all democrats? What happened to the good journalism we used to receive from these networks? They used to go after the facts no matter what the outcome…..if we had that kind of journalism now we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in, are you afraid to do a legitimate broadcast now? Have you been threatened? Have you been bought out by the Muslim Brotherhood? Just curious…..your one sided reporting is killing America, it is very similar to the old Soviet Union when they told the networks what they could or could not say….is that where you are today?

    1. no_oracle_just_sane says:

      I am in no way affiliated with any aspect of the American “news” media, but, having taken a one-year journalism course in high school (which left me thoroughly disgusted with the field of journalism in general and its practitioners in particular), I will answer your questions to them to the best of my ability – because they will never answer for themsleves, nor would they answer them truthfully.

      The answers are as follows (in the order in which the questions were asked):

      #1 Absolutely. It’s their primary requirement. Even the handful who are considered to be “conservatives”. Case in point – the rabidly right-wing David Brooks.

      #2 It’s been rejected in favor of progaganda and hyperole, which are much more marketable than “good journalism”.

      #3 Yes…very afraid.

      #4 They certainly have. If they don’t go along with the program by repeating progressive talking points and other such drivel, they will be ostracized by their peers and will never be invited to their fabulous parties or self-congratulation sessions again.

      #5 Usally. The Brotherhood has a lot of money to throw around and much of it does wind up in the media’s pocket. How else do you expect a prostitute…er…reporter to get filthy rich?

      #6 Of course! Their one core belief is that if something is harmful to America and its people, then it is very good for the media. But don’t ever accuse them of atheism – they have a god. It’s called the Pulitzer Prize. It cannot be obtained unless allegiance to all lesser things is renounced…things like liberty, ethics, and morality. And furthermore, anyone who does not believe as they do is a RACIST!!! This is their preferred way of silencing their critics (like you & me).

      I hope this comment answered your questions. I’m sure it very accurately reflects just what is in the heads and the hearts of everyone who has any status in the profession of journalism. Kool-Aid is a mighty powerful drug.

      1. J J Willmann says:

        Very well stated!

        1. no_oracle_just_sane says:

          You appear to be a man of few words J J Willmann. I sometimes wish I could say the same about myself. : )

          1. J J Willmann says:

            Thank you, but I must admit that the few words part is a rarity for me and the man part is a never (“J” is for Julyette because it is unpronounceable)! LOL

          2. no_oracle_just_sane says:

            Haha – I’m not surprised and actually wondered about that even as I wrote the comment. But since “person of few words” isn’t really used and sounds a little odd, I decided to take my chances. I stand corrected! LOL

          3. J J Willmann says:

            I think I am going to have to change my profile name – everyone thinks “J J” is masculine. My Accounting teacher started calling me “J J” waaaaaaaaayy back when and it stuck!

          4. no_oracle_just_sane says:

            I’ll bet I can pronounce your name. I have a feeling that it’s pronounced exactly the way the “famous” Juliet of Shakespeare renown’s name is pronounced. Would that be right? I can just see people stumbling all over themselves trying & failing to get it right. Things are often far more simple than they appear on the surface.

          5. Julyette J says:

            No, my name is French (I am not) and it is pronounced “Zhool yet”! Believe it or not I was named after a ship!

          6. no_oracle_just_sane says:

            You’re right then – your name IS unpronounceable, or at least it is when you read it (with an English-speaking brain). I’m usually pretty good with words & pronunciations, but I get a big “F” on this one. You must have really had a hard time in your school days, or rather, your teachers must have.

            At least you weren’t named “Stanley” like Obama’s mother was. Stanley Anne Dunham. Named for her father, by her father. Evidently narcissism runs in the family, because Barry wasn’t the first to demonstrate the attitude of “enough about me, let’s talk about ME”. There is a story in circulation out there that Obama intended to continue the pattern and name his firstborn daughter “Barack Hussein Obama II”, except that Michelle threatened him with a serious beatdown if he tried it – so he relented and permitted her to name their daughter Sasha.

            {The reason that story is in circulation is because I enjoy circulating it! :P}

    2. J J Willmann says:

      I can not remember when the alphabet news media knew what journalism was.

  8. Cervantes3 says:

    We have trained a flock of gammas to not think, just react.. and the MSM is all too willing to tell them what ever will help the “Party”..

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