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Celebrities about to come to Obama’s rescue again

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With the curtain about to rise on the disaster movie that is Obamacare enrollment, Hollywood is opening a new front in the propaganda war.

Stars of the small and big screens – including Massachusetts native Amy Poehler, Canadian-born Michael Cera and Chicago actress Jennifer Hudson – are part of a marketing campaign aimed at the 18- to 35-year-old age bracket Obamacare needs to rope in to get the money it’s going to pay out.

obamahollywood0930Those fans are being robbed by the millions, of course – forced to pay for something they don’t want and probably won’t need – but that’s not the megamillionaires’ problem. Their problem is doing their part in a propaganda war for an administration that – after getting kicked around by Russia over Syria and snubbed by Iran in New York – badly needs a win for the home team.

And coming to the mound to make the pitch is Mike Farah, production president for the Hollywood-based comedy site Funny or Die, co-founded by Will Farrell, that’s taking a lead role in marketing Obamacare to the masses.

“The simplest way to put it was, [the administration] had spent all this time and energy and money on the biggest movie of their lives and had no marketing budget in which to promote it,” Farah told the Los Angeles Times. “I just thought that was the craziest thing I’d ever heard.”

In an interview with leftist rag Mother Jones over the summer – shortly after Poehler, Hudson et al met with Obama at the White House to plan the propaganda rollout – Farah said none of the money for the Funny or Die projects is coming from the government.

“This is a special message and something we believe in,” Farah said.


He might also believe in getting on the good side of a presidential administration that’s going to be around another three long years. Maybe he believes in the benefit of being liked by powerful people who’ve shown no hesitation about getting the government involved in the economy on a winners-and-losers basis.

He also might have heard once or twice of a woman named Leni Riefenstahl, a kindred spirit from back in the day.

She was pretty good at making movies, too.


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