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Residents sound off against building of first mosque in city

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A retired U.S. Navy veteran received cheers of approval when he spoke out against a proposed mosque that some allege has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood being built in his hometown.

Roger Dadiomoff, who is “half Egyptian, half Ukrainian-American,” was applauded Tuesday when he told the Virginia Beach city council the community did not want a mosque in their city, WTKR News reported.

“We can stand here and talk about road usage, and not talk about the fundamental issue. We do not want mosques in Virginia Beach. Personally, I don’t want them anywhere,” Dadiomoff said at the hearing.

Amidst allegations, including from Republican city council member and Desert Storm veteran Bill DeSteph, that the proposed mosque has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Dadiomoff told the station,“I just thought that I didn’t want that structure being formed where we have a government office for Islam which is what I see the mosque as.”

Dr. Ahmed Noor from the Mosque and Islamic Center of Hampton Roads categorically denied those allegations.

“Our mosque is not tied to the Muslim Brotherhood or any group outside this country,” he said according to the Daily Press.

On Thursday, however, Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera said he spoke to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the alleged information obtained by DeSteph showing that the mosque posed a “threat to national security and has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood,” the Virginian-Pilot reported.

“I contact my federal counterparts, I give them information, they vet it through and we have a further conversation,” Cervera said. “That’s not just on something like this. It’s any federal case that may come across organized crime, counterterrorism.”

The Virginia Beach city council voted 9-1 to approve the building of the mosque claiming that “federal and state law prevents them from discriminating against a religious organization’s land-use application,” WTKR said.

Listen to the crowd respond to comments from an attorney representing the mosque’s builder via CAIR:


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