Crying weatherman vows to get vasectomy over climate change

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A former Wall Street Journal meteorologist was the source of a warming trend of his own Friday on Twitter, proclaiming to the world that he has decided not to have children in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint, and was even considering having a vasectomy.

Eric Holthaus began tweeting in response to a Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released Friday that claims it was “‘extremely likely” that humans are causing warming trends seen in the last several decades, according to the Daily Mail.

An early tweet stated that Holthaus “broke down in tears” while waiting to board a flight, as a result of the report, followed by a tweet where he vowed to never fly again to save the climate.

Upon being informed by a fellow global warming enthusiast that an artist had herself sterilized to help save the planet, Holthaus, apparently not one to be outdone, replied that he was thinking of having a vasectomy himself.

At which point things took a macabre twist, leaving us to wonder if Holthaus is punking us all. A Twitter user challenges him, as a matter of principle, to take his life, to which Holthaus responds “another good point.”

Holthaus then falls back on the idea of having a vasectomy.

The possibility of climate change believers not reproducing does have a certain appeal. In fact, conservatves should promote the plan whenever possible. After all, the world is surely better off with fewer metrosexual men blubbering about natural trends in the weather.

Tom Tillison


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