Windmill farm seeks first ever permit to kill eagles

The wind energy industry, putting renewable energy above treasured wildlife, is seeking America’s first ever permit to kill golden eagles. The Shiloh IV Wind Project, a large […]

Lil Miss Hispanic
7-year-old pageant queen stripped of crown for not being Hispanic enough

Pageant officials in Delaware have stripped a 7-year-old girl of her pageant crown for reasons that can only be described as suspicious. Jakiyah McKoy was crowned “Little […]

Ted Cruz praying
Ted Cruz kneels in prayer at WH; not for what you may think

After everything he has been through the past week, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz took a moment’s break from the chaos swirling around him in DC and knelt […]

CNN admits Obama more attentive to Iran than to Republicans

CNN’s senior White House correspondent made an observation Friday about President Obama’s phone call to Iranian President Hasan Rouhani that started out sounding more like it came […]

Crying weatherman vows to get vasectomy over climate change

A former Wall Street Journal meteorologist was the source of a warming trend of his own Friday on Twitter, proclaiming to the world that he has decided […]

No Mosque Virginia Beach
Residents sound off against building of first mosque in city

A retired U.S. Navy veteran received cheers of approval when he spoke out against a proposed mosque that some allege has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood being […]

Left crucifies one of their own for exposing media bias

An offhand comment by NBC’s Chuck Todd last week about the media’s role has exploded into a backlash, even prompting a liberal petition excoriating him. The White […]

Guys laugh hysterically at cow in car
Guys laugh hysterically at cow in car

This video cracked me up. Not much else to say. It’s just funny. More Videos

‘Our Maggie,’ tribute to Margaret Thatcher trending on Twitter

The center-right Conservative Party in the United Kingdom will open its annual conference this weekend with a film tribute to Margaret Thatcher titled, “Our Maggie.” Thatcher, who […]

Gays boycott, bash Barilla pasta for support of traditional marriage

Oh Dio mio. The world has gone crazy. International tempers have reached the boiling point over straight pasta and – no, not corkscrew shapes – gay pasta. […]

Dem lawmaker attacks ‘tea baggers’ from Senate floor

There were a number of potential firsts from the floor of the U.S. Senate this week, to include a reading of Dr.Suess’s “Green Eggs and Ham” and […]

Bassem Sellami
Tunisia calls on Interpol to take action against man for disrespecting Quran

The republic of Tunisia called for an Interpol investigation into a Tunisian citizen now living in Europe. His crime? He disrespected the Quran. Bassem Sellami posted two […]