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Wolf Blitzer slams Carney’s ridiculous explanation of Obamacare

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For the second time in as many days, White House press secretary Jay Carney took fire Thursday from the media on Obamacare – this time from CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

While President Obama was on the road in Maryland, trying to sell Obamacare yet again, Carney was fielding tough questions from Blitzer.

After running a clip of the president saying, “If you like your doctor, you like your plan, then you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan,” Blitzer said that wasn’t the case.

“As you know a lot of people are not going to be able to keep their doctor or keep their plan under this system,” Blitzer said. “What do you say to them?”

Carney denied that.

“Well, Wolf, when you say a lot of people, that simply is not true,” Carney said. “If you have employer-provided health insurance. That health insurance will not change when Obamacare takes effect and the marketplace is open on Jan. 1, and the options that you have will not change unless your employer decides to change them.”

Carney attempted to explain how people with pre-existing conditions and others could now have coverage and at lower costs than before.

“Hold on a second,” Blitzer said. “All of that is true, but you know that there are companies like UPS, Home Depot and a lot of other companies that are taking full-time employees, making them part-time employees, eliminating their health care benefits.”

Blitzer also explained that those people could not keep their benefits – and may not even be able to keep their doctor.

Carney said there was “zero data to back that up,” and though some “anecdotes” point to that scenario, it wasn’t widespread.

Watch Carney’s far-fetched explanation of Obamacare here via CNN:

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