Michael Barnett
PBC GOP interim chairman responds to Sabin’s resignation

Michael Barnett, vice chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County, phoned in from Port-au-Prince, Haiti Friday evening to respond to the news of the chairman’s […]

Catholic nuns file first class-action lawsuit against contraception mandate

Is this what liberals really want? To destroy the Little Sisters of the Poor? Fighting in the first class action lawsuit against Obamacare’s contraception mandate, the Catholic […]

Do you know about these secret Obamacare taxes?

Have you heard of the Obamacare “Snookie tax?” How about the “Cadillac tax?” Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford reported on these and more on Friday’s “Fox and […]

Obama supporting credit card company cuts ties with gun shop — for selling guns

A Visa subsidiary that authorizes credit card transactions for merchants has without notice stopped doing business with the nation’s largest gun store after a four-year relationship — […]

Gun rights groups sue state over AR-15 ban

They’re “drawing a line in the sand.” Second Amendment advocates including veterans, gun store owners and gun dealers on Friday asked a Maryland judge for an injunction […]

Dem. senator says tea party ‘as dangerous’ to America as Civil War

U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, took to the floor of the Senate on Friday and said the tea party is just as dangerous for the country as […]

Oops! $67 million missing from IRS Obamacare slush fund

What would happen to any private company that came up $67 million short when the IRS came calling? Not short as in revenues were less than expected. […]

Cavuto blasts Obama: ‘We at Fox News are not the problem — you are’

Fox News’ “Your World” host Neil Cavuto answered an attack Barack Obama directed to Fox News, and told the president in no uncertain terms that Fox isn’t […]

deputy and thomas donald
Man with shotgun arrested on own property after confronting trespasser

A rural Michigan man reported someone trespassing on his property to the Crawford County Sheriff’s office Sunday. When deputies arrived, they arrested the property owner for felonious […]

SEIU strike
SEIU workers strike over Obamacare job cuts

When Obama was pitching Obamacare, unions like the powerful Service Employees International Union supported him 110%. That isn’t working out so well for them. Members of the […]

Samuel L. Jackson
Top quotes of the week

This week in quotes: September 20-26, 2013. May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases. — Allan Brauer, the communications chair of the Democratic […]

Holder, media primed to blame GOP budget battle for terror attacks

Attorney General Eric Holder and ABC News teamed up Thursday to suggest a new administration talking point about the looming budget showdown with Congress: If American shopping […]