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Reporter asks Jay Carney if he, WH staff will enroll in Obamacare

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While the Senate debates the future of Obamacare, Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry asked Obama press secretary Jay Carney if he would be enrolling in the plan.

“You’re talking about enrollment,” Henry said during a press briefing Wednesday. “Will Jay Carney enroll in this? Will the White House staff enroll in Obamacare?”

Carney didn’t seem to understand what Henry was asking.

“Would you enroll?” Henry asked again.

Carney said he “absolutely” would.

“Ed, if I did not have employer provided health insurance, like I’m sure you do, unless there’s something about Fox that I don’t know, then I would absolutely enroll,” Carney said. “And it would be more affordable because of it, and I think you’ll see that around the country. But the whole purpose, again, the facts are often either ignored or mischaracterized by critics, is that if you have insurance provided by your employer, that you like, nothing changes for you.”

Carney explained that if someone changes jobs or gets laid off, there will be affordable options that hadn’t previously existed.

When asked during the briefing if Obama watched U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz’s filibuster in the Senate, Carney replied, “I don’t believe so,” and said he didn’t watch it either, according to The Blaze.

Watch Carney’s response here:


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