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Shock video: Children in Syria play ‘Behead the Enemy’

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What an incredibly sad way of life it is for children growing up in war-torn Syria whose experience with Islam shows it’s anything but a religion of peace.

A disturbing new video making its way around the internet shows children in the Syrian town of Ras al-Ayn playing a game that simulates an enemy beheading while chanting, “Allahu Akbar.”

Although it is unknown who shot the video, “Eretz Zen –  A secular Syrian opposed to having my country turned into a Taliban-like state” – published the video on social media sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The description of the video via YouTube is as follows:

The macabre culture of beheadings and body mutilations that the Syrian “revolution” has brought with it has rubbed off on little children, who seem to be simulating ‘rebel’ beheadings of their enemies while shouting Allahu Akbar (Allah is greater). This footage was taken recently in the town of Ras al-Ayn in Syria’s northeastern al-Hasakeh province.

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