Kerry signs UN Arms Trade Treaty; Bolton calls it ‘kick me’ sign on US

Secretary of State John Kerry signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Wednesday morning, despite the Obama administration’s apparent inability to get the agreement ratified in the Senate.

Kerry affixed his signature at the U.N. General Assembly in New York, amid Senate threats to block it, according to Fox News.

After signing the instrument on behalf of the United States, Kerry said:

This is about keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists and rogue actors. This is about reducing the risk of international transfers of conventional arms that will be used to carry out the world’s worst crimes. This is about keeping Americans safe and keeping America strong. This treaty will not diminish anyone’s freedom. In fact, the treaty recognizes the freedom of both individuals and states to obtain, possess, and use arms for legitimate purposes.

Senate leaders are saying, Not so fast.

“This treaty is already dead in the water in the Senate, and they know it,” said Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services, The Hill reported. “The administration is wasting precious time trying to sign away our laws to the global community and unelected U.N. bureaucrats.”

The NRA noted Inhofe’s remarks in this tweet:


The treaty doesn’t affect a country’s domestic use of weapons. But the main sticking point is that it requires countries to control the sale of arms, including a gun-tracking provision that would require a national gun registry, according to the National Rifle Association.

In the following NRA video, America’s former U.N ambassador, John Bolton, refers to the arms trade treaty as a “feel good” agreement that would “restrict those who don’t need restrictions, and it won’t restrict those who don’t plan to pay any attention to it.”

Bolton has one final observation:

“If we were to ratify this, it would be like putting a sign on our back saying, ‘Kick me.’”

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8 thoughts on “Kerry signs UN Arms Trade Treaty; Bolton calls it ‘kick me’ sign on US

  1. Randy Tellez says:

    Kerry is as much an American traitor as the POS POTUS is.

  2. Beeta says:

    We have nothing in DC but traitors to the American people…a nation going down!

  3. RaDonna Marshall says:

    The bill passed in the Senate March 23 2013 states the United States will NOT ratify any U N Arm Treaties…NONE. It was already voted out. Kerry is committing treason by signing this. Senator Inhofe has declared he will proceed with charges of treason against Kerry…YES!

    1. Mike Young says:

      Awesome, now I hope he follows through with his statement and also I hope that Senator Inhofe also files charges of Treason against all 46 of the other senators that voted in favor of this U.N. Small Arms Trade Treaty as they are all committing Treason against the American people by their votes.

  4. Don Sebold says:

    Does that include obimbos giving weapons to Syria?….and does that include Holder selling weapons to drug cartels in Mexico?….the UN is UNecessary….it should relocated to Euorpe ….all they do is persecute Isra’el….and America…Kerry is a traitor and a liberal elitist who is extremely out of touch with reality….

  5. Mike Young says:

    Randy, it is not just Kerry who is a Traitor to the American people, it is also 46 Senators in the Senate that voted in favor of this Treaty, luckily we do have many Senators who do feel responsible to the American people and who do respect our 2nd Amendment.

    Unfortunately though Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, 2nd in command in the Senate under Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is not one of those Constitution and 2nd Amendment Respecting Senators who as well as the other 45 Senators is also a Traitor to the American people who voted in favor of this Treaty. Instead of Senator Dick Durbin retiring after his Term is up, he should be tried in a Federal Court for Treason and Sentenced for Crimes and Votes he made against the Constitution and the American people’s Rights.

  6. Dandydanderoo says:

    Brilliant! Bolton!!!

  7. Steve Wilson says:

    Kerry = Traitor

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