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Fox host fights back: ‘Have establishment hit the lights on the way out’

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Moderate Republicans trashing conservatives willing to stand on principle is trending this week and political pundit Bernie Goldberg, a regular contributor on the O’Reilly Factor, decided to get in on the action by going after Fox News host Eric Bolling.

Not surprisingly, Bolling’s reaction showed he can give as well as he takes when he asked Tuesday on “The Five,exactly when being a “real” conservative was a bad thing.

Employing the tactics of the left, Goldberg categorizes Bolling as a “hard right pundit” and, killing two birds with one stone, compares him to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, saying both have the audacity to expect the GOP to stand up for conservative principles.

“Ted Cruz is the rookie U.S. senator from Texas who if he worked at Fox News would be Eric Bolling. Like Bolling, Cruz is on a mission. He wants Republicans to stand up for their conservative principles.”

While suggesting “true blue conservatives” reject any kind of compromise, Goldberg writes that he comes to his political opinions these days by listening to what Bolling says about a particular issue and taking the opposite position.


In calling out the political class for “putting a scarlet C on our lapels,” Bolling tells the Emmy Award winning journalist he and the “dying breed of old-school Republicans” don’t understand that this new wave of conservatism is the “voice of the future.”

Bolling said he wears hit pieces on true conservatives as a badge of honor, stressing that the American political landscape in on the move and Goldberg and his “nearly-extinct herd of old-school politicians can’t do a damn thing about it.”

He concluded, “Have the establishment hit the lights on the way out.”


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Tom Tillison


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