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Boys suspended for playing guns in own yard face Piers Morgan

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Even Great Britain gun grabber Piers Morgan thinks the Virginia school district that suspended two boys for playing with an airsoft gun on private property before school one morning needs a jolt of common sense.

“Kids, in the end, in America should be allowed to be kids,” Morgan said Tuesday night, after interviewing the boys and their parents.

piersmorgankidsThe incident occurred Sept. 12, when seventh-graders Aiden Clark and Khalid Carabello were among about a half-dozen kids playing with an airsoft gun in Carabello’s yard, which is about 70 yards from a school bus stop, according to local television station WAVY.

School officials, who were alerted to the horseplay by police after a neighbor and a passerby placed 911 calls, suspended the boys for “possession, handling and use of a firearm.”

The fact that they didn’t possess, handle or use a firearm on school property – and it’s not even clear that the toy is actually a “firearm” at all – didn’t keep the boys from being suspended for a year, although they might be allowed to return after a hearing in January.

(And the fact that one of the calls came from a clearly busybody neighbor who not only knew the gun was a toy but whose son was among those playing really should have come into play, but apparently didn’t.)

The suspensions seemed too harsh even for Morgan, whose ability to reason when it comes to gun laws is generally questionable.

“In this case, I can’t help thinking the school’s gone too far,” he said. “When I was a kid, I sued to play with toy guns, cap guns and whatever. They can’t kill people.” (As an aside, picturing Piers Morgan as a kid is an interesting thought.)

“I think you should go back to the school and try and add some common sense to this debate.”

“Common sense” from Piers Morgan usually involves taking guns away from sensible people.

When even he thinks the gun grabbers have gone too far, they’ve gone way too far.

Check out the interview, and Morgan’s surprising conclusion, below:

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CORRECTION: This article has been corrected to remove incorrect references to “pellet gun.”



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