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Bono pokes fun at Bill Clinton with spot-on impression

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Bill Clinton was late joining the panel on stage at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City on Tuesday, so invited guest Bono took the microphone and delighted the crowd – with an impression of the former president.

“When I first met Bono, he walked into the Oval Office and I actually thought it was a member of his own road crew,” Bono said, dropping the Irish brogue and sporting a Southern accent. “[He] wasn’t really dressed right. I actually, I felt like the rock star on that occasion.”

Bono, frontman for the rock group U2, took the opportunity to talk about his decade-long collaboration with Clinton, on issues including debt relief and African AIDS medication campaigns, according to the Daily Mail.

“But together, you know, we did this Drop the Debt thing and, my God there’s 51 million children going to school in Africa ‘cause of the Drop the Debt and that’s pretty good, is that right?” Bono said.

Clinton laughed as he arrived on stage.

“I must be really easy to make fun of,” Clinton said, taking the microphone and starting the discussion with Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Christine Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund, Pakistani entrepreneur Khalida Brohi and billionaire Mo Ibrahim, the Daily Mail reported.

Watch Bono’s impression here via CBS News:


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