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Tougher gun laws bringing out the grit in California women

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As California tightens its gun control laws, the number of concealed-carry applications is soaring — especially among women.

Forty-three percent of Americans now have a gun in their home — the highest since the early 1990s, according to the CBS affiliate in Sacramento. Many gun owners are young mothers.

“I may be talk but I’m skinny and I’m light, and I need some protection here,” Sacramento resident Kim Denson told the CBS station.

She’s not alone.

“Walking to the park, or something, I feel much safer,” Christa Barrera, a young mother said.

CBS-13 reported:

In El Dorado County, the sheriff’s department issued 415 CCWs. That number almost doubled this year with 922 CCWs issued.

In Placer County, CCW permits tripled since 2009 with 663 issued this year.

In Sacramento County, the number has gone through the roof with 727 permits issued this year, compared to the 95 issued in 2009.

“It’s kind of a perfect storm of circumstances that came together,” said Sacramento sheriff Sgt. Jason Ramos, referring to a steady rise in crime during the last five years.

Meanwhile, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a controversial funding measure in April that allows the state to confiscate legally purchased weapons from tens of thousands of gun owners.

An additional 14 gun control bills sit on Brown’s desk that, if signed, would anoint California as America’s strictest gun control state, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Watch the news footage provided by CBS-13.

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