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O’Reilly’s wake up call: ‘The jihad is just getting started’

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It’s easy to see why liberals don’t like Bill O’Reilly.

They hate to face reality.

billoreilly0924In a two-minute “Talking Points” memo Monday, Fox “O’Reilly Factor” host used the weekend’s attack on a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, as a jumping-off point to describe the world’s failure to “confront the true nature of Muslim terrorism.”

In a word, O’Reilly said, it’s murder.

Muslim jihadists want to kill Christians and Jews, nothing more,” he said. “This is simply about murder.”

O’Reilly then listed a series of Islamic countries and their contributions to terror – Pakistan, where terrorists live freely in lawless areas, able to attack non-Muslims in India; Iran, which “pretty much supports worldwide terrorism,” O’Reilly said; Yemen, a safe haven for terrorists; and Somalia, essentially an anarchic state where the Kenyan attack originated.

“What is the Muslim world doing about it?” O’Reilly asked. “Nothing.”

And how about the rest of the world?

“President Obama’s not going to do it. Great Britain and NATO aren’t,” O’Reill said.

With the exception, God help us, of France, the rest of the world – Muslim and Christian – stands impotent amid the carnage – powerless to even object at what’s going on in open view, on television screens, on the streets and in shopping malls around the world.

And this is where the part about liberals not liking O’Reilly comes in. Unlike a Bill Maher stretch on HBO, there was no sycophantic audience to laugh at sophomoric jibes, O’Reilly didn’t exaggerate to make the point. He didn’t have to.

He didn’t slide into “root causes,” “the legacy of colonialism” or the endless hypocritical wailing about Palestinians liberals love to hide behind. There was no talk of alienated youths, rootlessness, young men not feeling accepted by the societies they grew up in or the endless carping of excuses that comes with each new atrocity committed by those bent on killing.

And know they can kill with impunity.

“We live in a cowardly world and the terrorists know it,” he said.

So does O’Reilly. And in the end, so do the liberals. They just hate to hear it.

“The jihad,” O’Reilly said, “is just getting started.”

Send this video to a liberal friend. They won’t watch it, but you can say you tried.

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