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Alan Grayson’s staff uses taxpayer’s money, time to play with toilet paper

Photo Credit West Orlando News

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As American families struggle to make ends meet in a still sluggish economy, having seen a $2,627 drop in median income in President Obama’s first term alone, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson‘s staff do not seem to be encumbered by the same hardships.

With another 6.6 million Americans slipping into the ranks of poverty in this Obama economy, in part due to policies the Florida Democrat voted for, his staff is busy “toilet papering” the office, the West Orlando News reported.

A screen grab of a Facebook post by Grayson’s district director, Susannah Randolph, shows an image of an office neatly decked out in toilet paper — no doubt, at taxpayers expense.

Randolph, a one-time political director for ACORN who served as Grayson’s campaign manager in his failed reelection bid in 2010, commented in the post: “I love our staff… you know they love you when they toilet paper your office.”

Of course, it’s all in good fun. But are we to believe the pranksters brought the toilet paper from home?

While the cost is trivial, the issue at hand is more about respect. Respect for taxpayer money and respect for families that may wish they had a few extra rolls of toilet paper.

And these are the people who claim to care for hard working families?


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Tom Tillison


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