Fladell: Dems electing Pafford political equivalent of assisted suicide

With the future leadership of the Florida House Democrats narrowed to West Palm Beach’s Mark Pafford and Tallahassee’s Alan Williams, Pafford has enough important backing to appear […]

Liberal Brit calls for UN invasion to disarm America

This is cute in a four year old saying swear words to get attention sort of way. Without the United States, the United Nations would have trouble […]

Alan Grayson’s staff uses taxpayer’s money, time to play with toilet paper

As American families struggle to make ends meet in a still sluggish economy, having seen a $2,627 drop in median income in President Obama’s first term alone, […]

Vatican declares Nancy Pelosi may no longer receive Communion

The Vatican has finally had enough of U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi illogically insisting she’s a “good Catholic” while consistently supporting unrestricted abortion. The Vatican’s chief […]

O’Reilly’s wake up call: ‘The jihad is just getting started’

It’s easy to see why liberals don’t like Bill O’Reilly. They hate to face reality. In a two-minute “Talking Points” memo Monday, Fox “O’Reilly Factor” host used […]

Saeed Abedini
Wife of pastor jailed in Iran hand-delivers letter to new president

The wife of the American pastor jailed in Iran for almost a year now was able to hand-deliver a letter to the new Iranian president pleading for […]

Tougher gun laws bringing out the grit in California women

As California tightens its gun control laws, the number of concealed-carry applications is soaring — especially among women. Forty-three percent of Americans now have a gun in […]

Innocence of Muslims
Producer of ‘Benghazi-linked, anti-Muslim’ video set to be released

Mark Basseley Youssef, the man behind the video “Innocence of Muslims,” is set to be released from federal custody later this week. The “anti-Muslim” film resulted in […]

Dogged reporter confronts Petraeus’ angry mob organizer

Bill O’Reilly sidekick Jesse Watters confronted a college professor for organizing a “disgusting and despicable” protest against City University of New York’s newest faculty member, Gen. David […]

Cruz responds to fellow Republicans providing Fox with opposition research on him

During an appearance Monday on “Hannity,” U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz was asked to respond to the news that “top Republicans” provided Fox News Network with opposition research […]

Ten Commandments monument toppled by vandals in D.C.

The Washington, D.C., Christian group Faith and Action is trying to figure out how someone knocked over an 850-pound monument to the Ten Commandments outside its headquarters […]

gun suspended
Boys suspended for shooting airsoft gun in own yard

In a case of zero tolerance taken too far, two Virginia Beach seventh-graders were suspended and face possible expulsion for firing airsoft guns in one of the […]