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Video: Starbucks wouldn’t tell gay people to leave gayness at home

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Starbucks gunsConcealed carry aficionado and coffee lover Colion Noir shared his thoughts on Starbucks’ on-again, off-again policy with respect to its customers carrying weapons within its franchises.

“I spent a third of my life studying in Starbucks to get through law school,” he said. “And every single time it was me, my law books, Mrs. Caramel Cappuccino and Mr. Glock 19.”

While he decries the coffee shop chain’s “anti-gun policy” as being wishy-washy, his own philosophy is not. He’s a Second Amendment absolutist, and criticizes those who draw the line at open-carry.

Although I’ve generally agreed with Noir in the past, I’m not quite convinced this time around. I understand his point, but but personally believe that open carry, when put into actual practice, creates more problems than it solves.

Open carry tends to freak people out — especially in the case of long guns. If I see a couple of dudes walking around town with AR-15s slung over their shoulder, I’m thinking something bad is about to happen. But again, that may be just me.

What are your thoughts? Should open carry be allowed?

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