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Video: Please don’t tell me these Americans vote!

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After watching the following video, do you think, maybe, Americans should have to pass a political IQ test to be eligible to vote?

Dan Joseph from Media Research Center TV went out on the National Mall last Tuesday, which happened to be Constitution Day, and asked a rather simple question of people visiting our nation’s capital.

“Can you name three of the amendments, any of the amendments, in the Constitution?” he asked several people.

Many – too many – could not.

Some people could name one or two, some quoted the Declaration of Independence and some stood there clueless.

There is a difference between being truly clueless and being frozen on the spot when your mind goes blank.

Here, we are talking flat-out clueless.

And it gets better – no, worse. Wait until you hear the disturbing things people said they would take out or add to the Constitution.

I’ll save you the agony of waiting: Let’s give free health care to everyone. And, who needs the Second Amendment when you can take Tai Kwon Do classes to protect yourself?

May God have mercy on this country.

Watch “The Constitution Quiz” via MRC TV on YouTube:


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