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Sarah Palin’s nursery rhyme shows Pelosi where to cut

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Every penny of the $3.5 trillion in annual federal spending is spent so wisely there is simply no room for reductions, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday.

“The cupboard is bare,” the San Francisco Democrat said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Candy Crowley. “There’s no more cuts to make.”

motherhubbardShe was emphatic. She was straight-faced.

She was full of it.

Not one more cut?

Not to food stamps — $80 billion a year – not to bloated “green energy” programs, not to the $2.4 billion the Drug Enforcement Administration eats up from the Department of Justice budget to keep losing the war on drugs, not to the DOJ’s $27 billion budget, most of which seems to go to suing Texas for some reason.

Few people were buying it. Sarah Palin, the former Alaska governor, vice presidential candidate and current Fox personality, wasn’t one of them.


And she wasn’t alone. Far from it. Check out some other tweets.



and …


Pelosi’s cupboard nonsense wasn’t an end in itself, though. She had a broader point to make.

“We all want to reduce the deficit,” Pelosi told Crowley. “Put everything on the table, review it, but you cannot have any more cuts just for the sake of cuts. Right now you’re taking trophies.”

So, put everything on the table, except for spending cuts, because the minority leader assures that the “cupboard is bare.”

All that leaves is tax hikes.

Think that’s what Pelosi might be driving at?

Check out her “no-more-cuts” video here.



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