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Romneys’ baby announcement turns into gross, racist hate

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Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann tweeted the announcement of their newest grandchild who was adopted on Friday. It didn’t take long for the Romney bashers to turn a happy, joyous occasion into a hate-filled rant.

The Romneys tweeted:

Mitt Romney grandchild

Media outlets were quick to point out that Romneys said the last grandchild was their 22nd.

“Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate and governor of Massachusetts, has apparently lost count of his rather large family,” the New York Daily News said.

But it was worse on Twitter, where liberals went wild. Some examples:

mitt romney tweet 1 mitt romney tweet 2 mitt romney tweet 3

“They are gonna slave that child,” one tweet said, according to Twitchy, which posted a number of vile comments gathered from Twitter.

Conservative black radio host Kevin Jackson, who helps over 100 abandoned black children a year find adoptive families, applauded the Romneys on his website, The Blacksphere.

“Liberal blacks can’t STAND when white folks want to actually LOVE black children in need of families,” Jackson said. “They say that these black children won’t know what it’s like to be black. Translated: Black children adopted by white families can avoid JAIL!”


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