Romneys’ baby announcement turns into gross, racist hate

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann tweeted the announcement of their newest grandchild who was adopted on Friday. It didn’t take long for the Romney bashers to turn a happy, joyous occasion into a hate-filled rant.

The Romneys tweeted:

Mitt Romney grandchild

Media outlets were quick to point out that Romneys said the last grandchild was their 22nd.

“Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential candidate and governor of Massachusetts, has apparently lost count of his rather large family,” the New York Daily News said.

But it was worse on Twitter, where liberals went wild. Some examples:

mitt romney tweet 1 mitt romney tweet 2 mitt romney tweet 3

“They are gonna slave that child,” one tweet said, according to Twitchy, which posted a number of vile comments gathered from Twitter.

Conservative black radio host Kevin Jackson, who helps over 100 abandoned black children a year find adoptive families, applauded the Romneys on his website, The Blacksphere.

“Liberal blacks can’t STAND when white folks want to actually LOVE black children in need of families,” Jackson said. “They say that these black children won’t know what it’s like to be black. Translated: Black children adopted by white families can avoid JAIL!”

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


216 thoughts on “Romneys’ baby announcement turns into gross, racist hate

  1. Denver Native says:

    The child will be deprived of his culture and will have identity issues. Such adoptions are not wise. Make it easier for poorer black families to adopt.

  2. Aida Payton says:

    that’s right Romney give better life with this child. Learn from his Grand father to be a good business man, Create more Job and America, Nelson Jr. Your mentality is very much as you look..

  3. Aida Payton says:

    HunnyBe, you have Crabs Mentality. you have terrible comment. If you two are good you should adopt all those black baby’s so you can give them good future as you both claim..

  4. sandcanyongal says:

    More whites should adopt black babies. So many of the blacks in prison have children who will never have the benefit of having 2 loving parents to raise them. In spite of some of the racist type remarks, many of us whites got over prejudice a long time ago. In fact, at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing and 911, we all stood together – and still do.

  5. pamela_fast says:

    These effing liberal bastards can’t make up their putrid grey-matter. Aren’t those idjits the ones always screaming that Conservatives only want to save lives *before* birth? We don’t give two shits for human beings *after* they are born?

    Well guess what you diseased-brain monkeys, you can shove your racist hateful crap right back up next to where you head resides. Your ‘enemies’ can capitulate and veer any which way you demand and you will still not be happy. You are pathetic.

  6. patrick flynn says:

    Reading those ugly comments regarding the Romney’s daughter adopting a black child is so sad. If low life idiots who spread their hate would only stop breeding illegitimate babies on society and get a job ( ha) it would not be necessary for the Romney’s to adopt a black baby. Be as it is, this baby will lead a beautiful life get a wonderful education and be an asset to society not another on welfare /food stamps etc. You all should get a life but again that would require character.

  7. Laura says:

    That is good that they adopted a child… It doesn’t matter about race… How many men leave a (grand)mother to raise a child they never wanted???? The majority of black people can’t let go of the past… Get over it, Slavery has been abolished… about a 1000 years ago…We are living in a different generation now…. White people do not use any child as slaves… Take for example OBAMA, his mother was WHITE, he was raised by his WHITE grandparents… He was raised very well from what I see… He IS the President of the U.S.A…. He ran 2 terms…. I have never heard him mention that his white mother nor his white grandparents enslaved him as a baby, child, adolescent nor adult…..Hooray for White people raising a black President….. Put the hate in the past and give the Romney’s an opportunity to raise this beautiful child…. Forget about the past, focus on the future and make good of your own life and be overly excited that this child has a future thanks to loving, caring people such as the Romney’s…. Maybe if you didn’t hate soo much, you could probably go out into the world and adopt a child to love and care for as your own…..And give that child a bright future to look forward too…..

  8. Sharon Lynn says:

    I’m more worried about teaching the poor baby the book of mormon than being adopted by white romney’s family!!!

  9. Jon Allard says:

    Typical Black racists,, when you have 93% of a specific subset of a population vote in a like manner it is the commonality of that subset that has defined their vote.

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