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Rand Paul says Obamacare funding fight far from over

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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul isn’t admitting defeat.

With news outlets all over the country headlining an Associated Press story that features Paul acknowledging funding for the Democrats’ health “reform” bill is inevitable this year, Paul told Breitbart.com the story is being overblown.

“I’ve been saying the same thing I’ve been saying all along,” Paul told Breitbart. “I didn’t say anything different [Saturday] that I haven’t already been saying. It’s kind of interesting that people create it to be news but I’ve said all along and continue to say that I won’t vote to fund Obamacare. I don’t think we should fund Obamacare.”

Paul said the point he was making is that a bill passed by House Republicans on Friday that continues funding the federal government without money for Obamacare is going to end up in an “impasse.” Senate Republicans, he said, simply don’t have the votes to pass it. That means the Senate, at least, will budget money for the single biggest legislative action of Obama’s presidency.

randpaulConsidering the lengths the Senate went to to get the law passed in 2009 — a morass of backroom bribery and pork-stuffing legendary even by Washington standards — that’s not much of a surprise.  (Remember Mary Beth Landrieu’s “Louisiana Purchase” and Bill Nelson’s “Cornhusker Kickback”? Some of those deals were too much for even Democrats to stomach.)

The bottom line, Rand said, is that the two houses are basically at loggerheads, and the clock is ticking toward Oct. 1, when the new budget and the official Obamacare kickoff begin.

“But anyway, I haven’t really changed my position,” he told Breitbart. “My position has stayed always the same. I’m going to vote to defund Obamacare and I think that’s the best thing for the country.

And what’s going to break the impasse?

“It isn’t my job to guess how this ends,” Paul wrote in an email to Breitbart. “It’s my job to stand up against Obamacare.”


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