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NRA’s LaPierre: When good guys with guns got to Navy Yard, it stopped

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National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said one reason so many lives were lost in Monday’s rampage at the Washington Navy Yard is that “there weren’t enough good guys with guns” when the shooting started.

“When the good guys with guns got there, it stopped,” LaPierre said on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” speaking of a tragedy where shooter Aaron Alexis killed 12, according to NBC News.

He told program host David Gregory that although the Navy Yard is a military facility, it was “largely left unprotected.”

That’s because a Clinton-era executive order — never rescinded — defines all military bases and facilities as “gun-free zones.”

“We need to look at letting the men and women that know firearms and are trained in them, do what they do best, which is protect and survive,” LaPierre said.

The problem isn’t that there are too many guns in the system, he said, but that the system — especially provisions requiring background checks on the mentally ill — is broken.

“I’ve been into this whole [background] check business for 20-some years; I’ve said the system is broken for 20 years and nobody listens,” he said. “On the gun check, the NRA supported the gun check because we thought the mental records would be in the [national instant check] system. We thought criminals would be in the system, and we thought they would be prosecuted.”

Watch the interview from NBC News.


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