Wasserman Schultz: GOP needs to reject tea party, ’embrace sanity’

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While you may get an argument on whether U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., is an authority on what’s sane or not, the head of the Democratic National Committee said Friday that the GOP needs to “embrace sanity” when it comes to funding the government.

“This is about an internal civil war going on in the Republican Party where clearly the tea party has won,” Wasserman Schultz said in an interview with CNN after the Republican-controlled House passed a continuing resolution that will fund government while defunding Obamacare.

“They are hurdling us toward government shutdown and economic crisis. It is unconscionable, irresponsible and entirely avoidable,” she said. “The ball is firmly in the Republicans’ court. They need to embrace sanity.”

Adhering to rigid ideology in defending the Democratic Party’s disastrous health care law, Wasserman Shultz added: “The Republicans continue to rigidly adhere to dogma and ideology. They are slavishly bowing at the altar of the tea party and that’s what this is about.”

The dirty little secret here is that, while few politicians openly advocate for shutting down government, it’s not the catastrophic, end-of-the-world event that the far left wants Americans to think it is.

In fact, according to The Washington Post, there have been 17 shutdowns since 1977, with the longest in U.S. history lasting 21 days during the infamous budget battles between Democratic President Bill Clinton and Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

From the Post:

Six shutdowns occurred between fiscal year 1977 and fiscal year 1980, ranging from eight to 17 full days, according to the report. From fiscal 1981 to 1995, nine shutdowns occurred, lasting no longer than three full days.

In fiscal 1996, the first budget impasse led to a five-day shutdown from Nov. 13-19, 1995. The second shutdown, the longest in U.S. history, stretched 21 days from Dec. 15, 1995 to Jan. 6, 1996.

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

Tom is a grassroots activist who distinguished himself as one of the top conservative bloggers in Florida before joining BizPac Review.
Tom Tillison


41 thoughts on “Wasserman Schultz: GOP needs to reject tea party, ’embrace sanity’

  1. Brandon Johns says:

    Can’t stand even looking at that she-gremlin.

  2. ADELE says:

    How did sh get so stupid in her position?

  3. Boca Legend says:

    I am blocked by three accounts on Twitter of which I am VERY proud. The always beautiful, but ardent Socialist & CBS Anchor Norah O’Donnell, CAIR, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz…….and I am probably most proud of getting the attention of one of the ugliest, most dangerous women in politics, DWS.

    1. no_oracle_just_sane says:

      Very good work Boca! If you’re on the “enemies list” of any of those you mentioned, you’ve clearly done or said something that’s absolutely on target. And if you’ve managed to strike fear into the hearts of all three of them, you deserve a Congressional Medal of Freedom or something of that sort.

      Yes, I said you “strike fear” into them…fear of the truth. Progressives and other intolerant folks like CAIR can’t handle the truth. They never could. Maybe you should “try for five” Twitter blocks and my next two suggestions would be Piers Morgan and “Reverend Al” (Sharpton). That would get you enshrined in the ring of honor!

  4. Babyboomer1960 says:

    This coming from the stand-in for the original Gorgon Medusa, of Greek mythology, who had snakes for hair, and turned those who viewed her into pillars of stone? Really? While she is entitled to her opinion under our Constitution, I firmly suggest that either she, or the media who trot her comments out like this, carry some Febreze® or issue EPA guidance as she opines… just saying…

  5. Arden Hale says:

    The loon is talking about sanity.

  6. Brian Augustyn says:

    She is right about 1 thing, which is more than she’s usually right. The tea party is winning, and after we take the party back from the RINOS, we are going to crush the progressive, socialist, radical Muslim loving democrats.

  7. no_oracle_just_sane says:

    I almost always wish for a speedy & complete recovery to anyone who has ever been afflicted with cancer. However in the case of Debbie Was-a-man Schultz, I’m afraid I have to make a principled exception. She had breast cancer at one point. But she is so chronically vile and reprehensible that I seriously doubt that she would be missed much if she were to disappear.

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