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State senator to constituent: ‘Screw you… dude’

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Michigan state Sen. Howard Walker,The arrogance of the political class, aka the ruling class, was on full display on Monday in the “Wolverine State”, and captured on video courtesy of Watchdog Wire Michigan.

While speaking at a Republican women’s luncheon, state Sen. Howard Walker took exception to being categorized as a “weak Republican” by a constituent who was questioning his recent vote in favor of expanding Medicaid.

Walker replied by saying, “Screw you… dude.”

“One thing that the Republican base has been against is any form of ObamaCare,” Brian Sommerfield said. “This so goes against the base and the people that you stand for, but… to just totally not only violate it at the base level… to have every single Democrat and to pick up a few weak Republicans to get this through, we feel totally violated.”

To the utter amazement of attendees, Walker fired back: “Screw you, as far as weak Republicans, dude.”

With stunned audience members asking, “What?” The senator doubled down: “I said, screw you, as far as calling me a weak Republican.”

Sommerfield, who co-hosts a conservative radio show that airs weekday mornings in northern Michigan, stood by his statement, saying, “I am.”

“The heck with you,” Walker said. “I stood by my campaign commitment. And I think I did what was right. It’s a lot easier saying ‘no’ than it was saying ‘yes’ on that. It was a very tough vote.”

Insight into a possible motivation for Walker’s frankness may lie in a recent announcement that he will not be seeking reelection, although he describes himself as “straightforward” in his legislative bio — it doesn’t get much more straightforward than screw you.

Tom Tillison


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