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Quiz: Do you qualify for CAIR’s laughable Islamaphobe list?

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Many people were disappointed they were not on the list of Islamaphobes released the other day by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, otherwise known as CAIR.

The list was so laughably large, and included mainstream media outlets like Fox News, The Washington Times, Christian Broadcasting Network and the ever-thoughtful National Review in its “Islamophobia network’s outer core,” that many felt dissed, left out and unappreciated.

I guess the super-sensitive peeps at CAIR thought Americans would be shocked and appalled at the terrible injustice of it all. Wrong. Many laughed, and those who didn’t make the list were jealous of those who did.

If you feel you deserved to be on CAIR’s list, and want to prove you’re Islamaphobe-worthy, please take our quiz. It’s not that hard. If you get just one answer correct, congratulations, you’re an Islamaphobe.

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Answers: 1)c  2) b  3)a  4)b 5)a  6)b
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