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Obama calls Boehner just to tell him he won’t negotiate

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President Barack Obama has once again indicated an unwillingness to negotiate with Republican leaders, blaming them for the nation’s ills in announcing that he won’t meet with them over a possible government shutdown. But he has no problem opening talks with terrorist regimes and organizations.

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta tweeted Friday:


Obama has repeatedly attempted negotiations with the Taliban, “despite resistance from the U.S. military, mixed signals from Pakistan and outright refusal by the militants themselves,” The Washington Post reported in December.

Six months later, the president announced his intention to give negotiations another go with the terrorist organization, which continues to kill American and ally troops.

Right out of the gate of his first inauguration, Obama agreed to negotiate “with Iran without preconditions,” a departure from the Bush administration’s policy to make direct talks conditioned upon Iran’s uranium enrichment program.

Where has that gotten us? Iran is five years closer to having a nuclear weapon, it continues to support our enemies, and it’s now filling the vacuum left by our withdrawal from Iraq to the extent that The Telegraph declared Iran the winner of the Iraq war.

Tom Crowe responded to Acosta’s tweet by observing:


The Republican Party has never indicated an unwillingness to negotiate with the president — it’s always the other way around. Yet the GOP is the party threatening a government shutdown?

Maybe Boehner just belongs to the wrong golf club.

H/T Weasel Zippers.


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