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Extraordinary footage shows selfless war hero in action

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Battlefield footage taken in eastern Afghanistan four years ago depicts the heart and heroism of former Army Capt. Will Swenson, who will soon receive the nation’s highest wartime award, the Medal of Honor.

The video was taken during the horrific Battle of Ganjgal on Sept. 8, 2009, when U.S. troops were ambushed by Taliban forces. Then-Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer’s valor that day earned him a Medal of Honor two years ago, according to Military Times.

The raw footage, taken by an Army National Guard sergeant and given to CBS News, shows Swenson repeatedly risking his life until the last of his men, both living and dead, are taken care of.

Especially touching is the moment when, after bringing in Sgt. First Class Kenneth Westbrook aboard a medevac helicopter, Swenson kisses him on the forehead before rushing off to retrieve the next of his men.

Swenson is scheduled to receive the Medal of Honor from President Obama on Oct. 15.This next clip is the actual raw battlefield footage, taken by California National Guard Sgt. Kevin Durst.


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