Modesto Junior College
College didn’t allow student to hand out Constitutions on Constitution Day

Constitution Day was established to recognize the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and is observed on September 17, the day the Constitutional Convention signed the document in […]

‘Pimp’ and ‘mobstaz’: Mother shocked over Common Core 4th-grade homework

A mother in Vermillion Parish, La., was shocked when her 9-year-old son brought home a fourth-grade homework assignment that used urban slang for the word “twist.” Who […]

Professor calls for murder of NRA members’ children; university responds

A University of Kansas journalism professor is standing by the shocking tweet he sent Monday as events unfolded at the Washington Navy Yard, saying he hopes the […]

One cartoon perfectly sums up media coverage of Navy Yard shooting

An award-winning editorial cartoonist shot a bull’s-eye Wednesday in assessing both the media and political outcry to Monday’s shooting at the Washington Navy Yard. The media and […]

Muslim women
National Park Service cuts jobs, then produces videos praising Islamic women’s rights

The National Park Service earlier this year prepared for sequestration budget cuts by closing visitor centers and furloughing park police – but still managed to produce videos promoting […]

Obama and Putin negotiation
Video: Obama will negotiate with Russia – but not with Republicans

With the debt limit crisis looming, President Obama has made it clear he doesn’t want to negotiate with Republicans, even though the country’s deficit is in the […]