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Emily Miller steers CNN gun control panel with facts

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Washington Times Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller blew away a mostly PC-oriented CNN panel Wednesday night on the subject of gun control in the wake of the Washington Navy Yard shooting using the only ammunition she had available to her — facts and logic.

When AC-360 host Anderson Cooper tossed out the possibility of gun control legislation following the rampage Monday, The Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol pointed out that Aaron Alexis used a shotgun to kill 12 people. “The gun that was used was not a gun anyone has proposed controlling.”

Cornell Belcher must have been asleep during this. He said it’s going to take a popular uprising to limit handgun sales.

Andrew Sullivan was relegated to gun ownership in the United States and said, “The cost of that gun ownership is many, many innocent deaths.” He also called gun use “an act of cowardice.”

Miller addressed the real problem — mental health. She noted that Alexis called police in Rhode Island to say he “heard alien voices,” the problem being, Rhode Island doesn’t make this information available to the agencies that would prevent him from purchasing firearms.

“I’m telling you, someone who slaughters 12 people, and is hearing voices, is a paranoid schizophrenic, is the definition of crazy or insane; and you don’t need PC Police to be stopping that, that’s real, and he should be in a mental hospital,” Miller said.

Watch the exchange below.


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