‘Creepy as hell’ anti-Obamacare ads freaking everyone out

They’re guaranteed to give you the creeps – but that’s the idea.

Online ads produced by the conservative group Generation Opportunity are giving a whole new look at what Obamacare is really all about, and it’s not pretty.

The ads are targeted at healthy young men and women — the very demographic Obamacare needs to come close to succeeding in taking over the nation’s health-care system.

And they’re already having an effect in the Twitter world.




But they’re working pretty well in some quarters.


And like the famed “daisy ad” that basically called Republican Barry Goldwater a nuclear terrorist during the 1964 presidential campaign, they’re likely to be remembered as much for stir they create as for the message itself.

Some pundits think they’re especially apt for a millenial generation that grew up in a popular culture — particularly television programming — that’s radically coarser than the one older Americans experienced.


Others think they’re too much for a serious topic.


“Cheap horror” is half right, anyway.

Obamacare’s a horror, but there ain’t nothin’ cheap about it.

Check Obamacare for women here …


… and for men here …


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