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‘Bus stop dancing queen’ becomes worldwide internet sensation

Ellie Cole

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Move over, Miley. The world’s new singular sensation is a 35-year old secretary caught on camera rocking out while waiting for a bus in England.

The video of Ellie Cole bee-bopping at the bus stop has gone viral, and her moves earned her a performance with a professional company in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

At one time, Cole did study performing arts in college, but had to drop out for financial reasons.

However, when it’s in your blood, you can never stop dancing.

And she has great rhythm and cool moves – check out her “body wave” and the graceful way she side steps to move out of the way for a pedestrian walking her dog.

Cole was listening to Alesha Dixon’s “Knockdown,” and she breaks out with some of the choreography from the music video, not unlike what happens when one hears Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

The viral video has been set to Abba’s “Dancing Queen,” which is sure to get you head bopping and foot tapping, too.

You will want to keep watching, but unfortunately the bus comes and Cole’s sidewalk jam is interrupted.

I would venture to say that Cole probably continued to dance in her seat on the bus. Wouldn’t you?!

James Woods saw the video and is a fan:  “James Woods: ‘My favorite tweet ever!’”

Viral Dancing Queen version:


Video set to the actual song Cole was listening to, “Knockdown.”



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